It’s tomorrow!

Registration at ExCel yesterday

Registration at ExCel yesterday

It all, as they say, comes down to this. Which gives me a distinctly floaty, fluttery feeling in the tum, I have to say.

That feeling got fairly intense when I joined the streaming crowd draining off the DLR into the ExCel centre in London for Marathon registration yesterday.

When you consider this was just a random hour (about 11.30am) during one of the four or five days that registration is open, the number of people was astonishing – and some hint at what tomorrow (TOMORROW!) is going to feel like.

Anyway, little to report on the training front. As instructed, I’ve been resting and stretching, and therefore hopefully avoiding any horrors tomorrow. I went for a very short little run on Thursday morning – only 20 minutes, just to make sure the legs were still working really. I was in the Cotswolds at the time, with no signal on my phone at all, so you’ll have to trust me, not Nike+, on that one.

Most importantly, a very large number of stupendously lovely people have made sure that I not only reached my fundraising target of £2,000, but overshot it by quite some way. In fact, the donations are still coming in – I had two today!

With Gift Aid, the grand total is now £2,650, which is just fantastic. Thank you very much indeed to everyone who’s sponsored me. It’s very greatly appreciated.

Can I also give a shout-out to the other runners I know:

Jan Maybury, who’s running for the Children’s Trust, who cared for her late son, Mark.

Debbie Bishop, who’s running with Jan for the same charity. Oddly, I can’t find her page, but if you’d like to support her you can sponsor her and Jan together on Jan’s page!

Julie Willard, who’s also supporting the Children’s Trust.

Steve Kirkendall, who’s running for not one but two charities close to his heart.

Gemma Rowland, who had to pull out of last year’s race, but is back in this year for the charities who helped her little girl, Tess.

Good luck to everyone!

So. The plan now is rest, pasta and sleep. Then … Well, let’s cross that bridge (run that road/circle that park/crawl that Mall) when we come to it.

Deep breath…

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