A bit about knees

Knee pain image

I spent a while with a physiotherapist today, after my knee was becoming increasingly problematic in training. Well, both knees actually, but mainly the right one.

To cut a long story short, I have ‘Runner’s Knee’, or Iliotibial Band Syndrome if you want to get technical. Basically, the muscles down the outside of my thighs are very tight, and are pulling the knees out to the side when I run, rather than letting them do their natural, straight-up-and-down piston-style business.

Thankfully, Helen (the physio) says I won’t do myself any terrible damage going for the Marathon. ‘It’s all soft tissue,’ she explained, ‘not damage to the knee itself.’ But ‘you’ll have plenty of aches and soreness to deal with.’

Plus, I’ll have to do a rigorous set of stretching exercises twice a day, as well as before and after exercise. And see Helen again, to be further manipulated and pummelled and generally pulled about (at £40 a time).

So you see, I’m suffering in all sorts of ways for this challenge. And I haven’t even got to the Marathon yet. So stick a few quid in the tin, and make me feel better. Go on.


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